Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Watch Emma Grow - Month Three

I fear that we keep getting pushed farther and farther back into the month. I went back to work so my time is spent playing with Emma and spending time with Darin. I am so sorry to neglect you all! So for posterity and to remember what happened for her baby book I need to write these things down! At least I take lots of photo's to help me remember!

Little miss' personality really started to come out this month. We really started to smile big at things that excite us. Kicking our legs in excitement and waving our arms. She started to take notice to her toys, especially if they play music. I have been singing and playing music to her forever now and she really lights up when we put Pandora on or any Disney song. Her favorite is "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. When I say that this child LOVES music it is the truth, she will wiggle and move her head back and forth like a little Ray Charles! It's so cute!

She loves singing and reading books and has started to find her own voice. Sticking out her tongue and mimicking our movements trying to talk and . She loves to grab, and has started to notice things like her Sophie teether or the toys on her bouncer. I looked over at her one day and she was staring intensely at the rattle on her bouncer and then slumped over to try and grab it. She loves being outside and shade bathing on her quilts, but bath time is her favorite time of day. This is when she bonds with daddy. He bathes her and then lets her kick in the water and relax. We usually have some soft music playing and then we put her in pj's, read a book and then we go to bed. We visited my parents and the pups all loved bath time also! She a new toy that she loves! It talks and plays music and shes all about it! It's so cute. We started to assist her in sitting up and she loves it. She holds her head up so well. She's becoming such a big girl! On September 25th we got our first official giggle! We had been babysitting a cousin of mine so she had a long day. We gave her her bath and once we got her in her pjs we started to sing "If your happy and you know it." Daddy was clapping her hands and I was being all sorts of silly. She thought that this was hilarious and started to giggle. We both stopped in shock and then I started to cry! It was so wonderful! We have yet to catch it on camera! She still loves to be swaddled and her pacifier, but we switched to her wubbanub, and she loves to grab and feel his texture. Everything is changing and she keeps growing larger and more alert. She still hates tummy time, but trying to keep up with it so she will learn to roll over and crawl.  

Since we didn't have a doctor's appointment this month here's her stats from last.

Last Month Stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 10 ozs (43%)
Height: 22.25" (44%) 
Head: 15.74" (80%)

Eat: We are still exclusively breast feeding. We are still going about 2-3 hours in between each feeding, including nighttime. I do have to pump because our doctor put Emma on an antacid that she refuses to take, so I mix it in with a little breastmilk and then bottle feed her. This accomplished two things.....starting a supply for when I went back to work and also go her used to eating from a bottle. She really would rather have it from the source, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Sleep: Naps are better when I can get it dark in the room. She will usually take one 30-45 minute catnap in her swing around 11am. Then around two we go upstairs to eat again. I usually close the drapes and feed her in the soft glow of the sun in the hallway. We then rock with the pacifier until she drifts off to sleep. I lie her on our bed and we both can get a decent nap in about an hour and a half usually. Then we take another catnap, 30-60 minutes around 5pm. We started a bedtime routine this month as well. Since we discovered that baths helped to relax Emma and help her to nod off into dreamland easier we implemented a bathtime. Between 8-815pm she gets bathed, then lotion and pj's then we read a book or two or three. Then if she hasn't nodded off yet I rock her asleep and she snoozes on our bed until I dream feed her at 11pm and she goes in her co-sleeper. She will wake to eat from 2-3.5 hours and then is up for the day by 9:30am.

Diapers: Still in size ones. Our favorites are still the Pampers Swaddlers, but are looking into trying the Up and Up brand and Kirkland once we blow through our shower stash. My favorite wipes are the pampers brand. They don't pill or fall apart and have just the right amount of moistness in them. We also still love our Desitin for diaper rash.

Milestones to date:
Bringing her home: July 2nd (1 day old)
First Bath: July 4th (3 days old)
First Holiday: Independence Day (3 days old)
Held Up Head: July 11th (1 week old)
Lost Belly Button: (8 days old)
First Walk (2 weeks old)
First Smile: (3 weeks old)
First Trip: Lake Tahoe/Carson City (5 weeks old)
Found her hands: (6 weeks old)
First Swim: (6 Weeks old)
Laughed Out Loud (12 Weeks Old)

Here's a photo dump from month three:


Listening to The Little Mermaid
Tummy Time

Wearing daddies shades..."I wear my sunglasses inside"
"Shade bathing!"
Little coy smile!
Trying to watch tv even though I'm supposed to be sleeping
Loving our taggie blanket!
Bathtime with daddy and the pups at grandma and papa's
Supporting daddies team! Go Chargers!

We haven't lost yet!

Three generations of "Jean's"
Love this gummy grin!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Anniversary Subway Art

I have dabbled in wall art for a little while here. When I learned that Photoshop does more than edit photos I knew that I wanted to make Subway Art for our friends and families. It's really popular and its a great addition to your home. I have done Disney inspired art, music lyrics and of course anniversary art for my sister and brother in law.

When my dear cousin asked me to make one for her ten year anniversary, I took to Pinterest to get some inspiration and we talked wording and we came up with this:

The quotes "The art of married life is in the journey." and "It takes faith to go forward together without knowing what the future holds." are verses from their wedding vows. We used dates, various cities and other items that were important to their relationship and we included their little ones name also. I used vintage inspired fonts to keep with their retro theme that is in their home. I put it on a chalkboard background and sent it over to Costco for printing. Three days later and it was ready! It's so fun to make these and I hope to make one for my own family one of these days!

Happy Anniversary to my favorite cousin and her family!

Friday, October 17, 2014

3rd Month Favorites

Month three really allowed Emma's personality to come out and it showed with her interest in certain things. We of course still have our favorites, but Emma certainly has shown interest in many of which includes trying to watch the television....bright lights, music, etc....who wouldn't love it!

1. Wubbanub: Since day one this child loves to comfort suck. We have always had a pacifier on hand otherwise she would be attached to me 24/7. I love this little guy because she can grab onto him and feel the different textures on his body, look at the different colors and get the sucking motion that she desires. He also lies next to her so if the pacifier happens to fall out of her mouth its pretty easy for her to find her way back to it.

2. Avent Bottles: We got several of these guys for free when we registered for the baby shower. Since we switched over to a new antacid, it was really difficult to get her to take it, because she hated the taste. So what did I have to do? Pump breast milk and feed it to her mixed it. It actually helped me to establish a supply of breast milk for when my return to work happened and got her used to a bottle as well.

3. Sleep Pillow App: This free noise machine app has been a life saver for the past two months. Emma loves to fight her naps and sometimes we need white noise to push her over the edge into dreamland. Her favorite sound is the rainfall.....must take after mommy!

4. Coverall Pajamas: Since Emma hates having her arms swaddled we have been concerned with her getting chilled overnight with bare arms while she sleeps, especially with the night getting progressively cooler (YAY!) We wanted to make sure that she was comfortable and warm to ensure good sleep. We bought a couple new pairs in 3 months, 3-6 months and 6 months to get us through the fall. The fact that she looks so adorable in them is a bonus!

5. Wherever You Go My Love Will Find You and Goodnight Moon: We started a bedtime routine this month and it has worked out like a charm. Bath, read books and ready for bed by 8:30pm. This seems to be the best way to make her nod off into dream land. Does it work every night? No, but most nights it does. These two books are my favorite to read to her because of the content and great pictures. 

6. Baby Einstein Ocean Exploration Play Pad: She LOVES this thing. Anything with bright colors and music is totally up her alley. I sing to her and she gets a big smile on her face. This thing gets her kicking her feet and bright eyed staring at it. Really great for development. Sorry Grandma....she bought Emma this toy to give to her for Christmas but because Emma loved it so much, we got to keep it.

7. Sophie the Giraffe: This is a new introduction, but were suspicious of teething and decided to give this a whirl. She loves staring at Sophie, but not necessarily using her for her intended purpose. She will attempt to reach, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of reaching and grabbing her just yet. It's very soon though.

8. "Part of Your World" This is her most favorite song. I put this on and I get big time smiles and her attempt to sing along is absolutely heartwarming. Again, anything with music makes this babies day. Daddy is super happy that this is her favorite song because he intends to take her on the Little Mermaid ride in December when we make our first trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Custom Quilt for Baby Emma

This child is going to be a blanket baby just like her momma and daddy. With the amount of blankets that she received at her baby shower you would have thought that I would have decided to make her something else. I was feeling guilty that I never made her anything but I couldn't figure out something to make her that she didn't already have being store bought or made from my family. I had started a diaper bag, that has yet to be finished, but will be similar to this bag I made for my dear friend's son Aidan. That will be her overnight bag and I will post that when I have it completed.....seriously it just needs snaps and velcro and its done.

So that left me with making her a blanket. She didn't need another one, but I needed to make her one and especially one with her name on it. I took to Pinterest and found this pattern. I was in love and made it my mission to make this quilt!

Here's how to make it:

What You'll Need:
(4) Fat Quarters
1 yard white fabric per quilt for the center
1-1/4 to 1/2 yard fabric per quilt for backing (We had to piece the back because the original pattern said 1 yard and it wasn't enough
1/2 yard fabric per quilt for binding
Heat N Bond Lite
Colored thread for applique

1. Cut the fat quarters you want to use for the border so that they are 5″ x 10″. You will need a total of (14)  5″ x 10″ blocks.
2. Sew (4) 5″ x 10″ pieces together along the short sides. Press & set aside. Repeat.
3. Sew (3) 5″ x 10″ pieces together along the short sides. Press & set aside. Repeat.
4. Cut your white fabric to 29 3/4″ x 29 1/2″

5. Sew one of the 3 block strips to the 29 1/2″ side of the white fabric. Repeat by sewing the other 3 block strip to the other side. Press.
6. Sew the 4 block strips to the other 2 sides of the white block. Press. Trim off excess if necessary.
7. Quilt as desired.
8. I used my mom's Cricut machine to find a font I liked. I also liked the idea of having all the letters lowercase. Trace the letters backwards onto the slick side of a piece of Heat n Bond Lite. Cut out roughly and iron onto wrong side of fabric. Cut out. 
9. Iron onto fabric according to directions. Hand stitch around all the letters.

Simple, straightforward and absolutely adorable. She loves to lie on it during tummy time, or nap in her pack and play with it!

If your interested in seeing the original head on over to Polka Dot Chair and give her a shout.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2nd Month Favorites

Our second month had us still learning all about our little girl and what products were especially important to keeping our little one happy. She at this point hasn't really shown any interest in many products so again these are from our point of view.

1. Destin. Due to the dairy intolerance and trying to figure out what I am eating we were left with some caustic poops and that left some diaper rash as well. We tried the butt paste but it never stayed on long enough to actually help and heal. Maximum strength Desitin to the rescue. Our pediatrician told me to "layer it on like frosting on a know, for someone who loves frosting." I guess thats the best way to describe it and it TOTALLY worked. Diaper rash gone in a matter of 48 hours.

2. Summer Infant Baby Wifi Monitor: This thing is magic when we need to leave her for naps. Not only does it rotate and have night vision, but it also has an app that we can access from our phones which is nice for when babysitting occurs.

3. Chicco Cortina Stroller: While our little one absolutely HATES being in the car seat, she is perfectly content with just wheeling around in the stroller, even when in the dreaded car seat.

4. Graco Pack and Play: Since we took our very first trip this month, we needed to have a place to put our little one. She was still small enough to use the changing station and it was perfect to have on us, She slept in comfort and ease our entire trip. This was worth the cash. It also sits downstairs for various naps that need to be taken on the first level.

5. Pampers Swaddlers: I know I said we loved the Huggies Little Snugglers last month, but in going up a size we realized that the huggies gapped a lot around her legs, which lead to some un-welcomed leaking. The swaddlers fit so much better and when we go through our stash I will buy more of them!

6. Taggies Soft and Snug Bouncer: This cute thing has been discontinued, but I am so glad we have it. Emma hated it at first and I thought it might have been a waste, but one day I pulled it in the bathroom so I could take a much needed shower, strapped her in with the vibration feature on and she fell asleep while I showered. This is a godsend to those who need a moment to just let the water run down! 

7. Little Remedies Gas Drops: With reflux and a dairy intolerance comes a lot of built up gas. To ease her pain and discomfort these were treated like gold in our house! We have since got the gas under control, but it was a life saver in the beginning!

There you have it, our second month favorites!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Watch Emma Grow - Month Two

Hi there all my fellow readers! I am typing away from our newest addition the iPad keyboard in hopes of being able to bring you content on a more consistent basis. With a new baby it seems hard for me to sit down at the computer. I mean I want to stare at her while shes sleeping instead of a computer screen, but in life there must be balance. I can now stare at the computer screen and her! Haha.

So you came here to read all about her second month. It was an eventful month and also one of a little stress. So lets begin. When we last left off we had discovered that lil miss had a dairy intolerance, so that left me with the choice to either cut dairy and soy protein out of my diet completely or begin giving her formula. There was this hole in my heart about deciding what was best for her. I didnt want to stop breastfeeding because it is the best way for her to feed, But if my milk was making her sick I didn't want that either. So I buckled down and really started label reading. Most sit down restaurants and fast food restaurants are out. Most packaged food is out. Basically its like being on a paleo I discovered scoping out Pinterest for recipes that didnt have dairy in them. I have learned all the terminology for different words that means "milk" and "soy" and trust me.....its a big list. Do I feel any better healthwise? Not's obvious that I don't have an allergy to it, plus I still crave cheese big time. But if its for my child I am going to do it! Around week five we started to show signs of reflux. She would throw up her feed after a large wet burp and it started to become consistent. We discovered this on our first ever trip. We went to visit D's grandparents in Nevada and made a special trip into Lake Tahoe. She loved being up there.....hated the elevation, which we had prepared for. Poor baby girl wailed coming through Mammoth Mountain 8,000 ft level. We also had a scare of what I thought was a  yeast infection....little did I know that it was just normal discharge....color me embarrased! Once home from the trip the vomiting became more consistent especially when I would feed her on both breasts. I determined that she just must be over eating and that was the cause. A couple of days later and we had vomiting with screaming while at the breast and now this momma was concerned. Another trip into the peds office and we were diagnosed with infant reflux and colic on top of the intolerance. Poor baby girl! We were put on a new antacid, Prevacid, and a whole new baby was born. She was always a good tempered baby, but with many fussy episodes. After figuring out how to take the medicine, we had a gorgeous happy, smiling, cooing, almost laughing baby and my heart sang with joy!

Around six weeks she discovered her hands and they are constantly in her mouth. She tries with all her might to fit her whole fist in there. She had a competition with her uncle to see who would win, but his teeth got in the way. She still hates her car seat, probably because she gets really hot in it. I took out the infant insert and that helped a little, but laying a lightweight cotton blanket underneath her to protect her body from the polyester lining helped the most. She loves it when I sing to her. We sing nursery rhymes and disney songs. She coos and tries to sing along with me. Her favorite song at the moment is Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. Daddy is excited because he intends to take her on that ride in December when we make a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. He wants her to know every song for that ride....silly! Were working on the tummy time. She still hates being placed on her tummy but will stay on it for longer periods. She has taken an interest in toys being dangled over her head and will follow them with her eyes and sometimes will bat at them. She LOVES staring at the ceiling fans. She watches them go round and gives the biggest grins! She can hold her head up for a really long time, and very rarely do we get a bobble. She continues to amaze me each day with how much she changes.

Monthly Stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 10 ozs (43%)
Height: 22.25" (44%) 
Head: 15.74" (80%)

Last Month Stats:
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz (14%)
Height: 21" (77%)
Head: 14.25" (56%)

Eat: We are still exclusivley breast feeding. During the day we go for about 2.5 to 3 hours in between each feeding. I am trying to stay on one side unless she still seems hungry then I will offer the other breast. She is still gaining well and since I started pumping I know that I can get a minimum of 3 ounces out of one side alone, so that tells me shes getting what she needs.

Sleep: Naps are still a bear. I discovered that she likes her first nap in her swing around 11am, sometimes it's 20 minutes, sometimes its an hour and a half. Then around 2-3pm she gets put down again. Hopefully (unlike today) she will fall asleep on our bed with the help of a pacifier and she will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Sometimes I get a nap in with her as well this time also. If she has a short nap then she normally falls asleep between 6 and 7pm. We are really sticking to a bedtime routine and it has really helped getting her to go to sleep. At 8pm she is fed, then is given a bath, and then we read two to four little books. Most times she falls asleep during the books, but in the case when she doesn't we rock her or lie her on the bed with her pacifier until she falls asleep. She then gets a dream feed around 11pm and will stay asleep until 1:30-2 on a regular basis and then will be up somewhere between 4 and 5am to eat again. If the sun is in our window she usually stirs and I will pull her into bed with me until about 9am. I will usually feed her back to sleep around 7am to guarantee that I will get to 9am.

Diapers: We officially transitioned into size ones around 7 weeks. We were trying to utilize all of the newborn size, but there were too many blowouts happening so we just switched to save our sanity and her poor booty. We still love the Huggies, but the Pampers Swaddlers are better in the larger size so that will give us another option too. According to my app we changed 261 diapers, with an all time whopping total of 629 diapers.....and probably a ton more wipes! 

Milestones to date:
Bringing her home: July 2nd (1 day old)
First Bath: July 4th (3 days old)
First Holiday: Independence Day (3 days old)
Held Up Head: July 11th (1 week old)
Lost Belly Button: (8 days old)
First Walk (2 weeks old)
First Smile: (3 weeks old)
First Trip: Lake Tahoe/Carson City (5 weeks old)
Found her hands: (6 weeks old)
First Swim: (6 Weeks old)

Here's a photo dump from month two:

Great Grandma Anderson Holding Emma for the first time
Emerald Bay Overlook

They sleep the same....hehe

Big smiles

Giant flower hat that we all thought was hilarious!

Little feet with our wedding rings

There's nothing like a love like this!

Found our hands!

Momma made me a quilt with my nickname on it!

I love being outside!

Ceiling fans are hilarious!

Mommy's first shower alone with Emma!

This adorable smile!

and this one.

First Swim!