Friday, January 16, 2015

Watch Emma Grow - Month Six

I know, I'm late with this post. January has taken its toll and I wanted to wait until after Emma's 6 month Well visit to have updated stats. Month 6 in Emma's life was full of tons of excitement and adventures!

We started off the month with her first two teeth! Two days after her 5th month birthday she cut both lower central incisors. She was drooling for months and really going to town with her teething rings, plus I could feel them coming in was just a matter of time. Two days later I got bit for the first was so not fun. But she usually only grazes me with the teeth and it's never on purpose. Most often how I am hurt is because she grabs my breast and scratches them.

Since it was Christmastime we made a trip to see Santa and got the best Santa photo ever! She had no fear with him and it was awesome! We ordered new stockings and put up Emma's first Christmas tree complete with a little photoshoot. We had such fun celebrating Christmastime with her and she was spoiled completely! I know I haven't posted about the holiday's yet. Trust me, those posts are coming.

Another fun thing that happened was Emma's first official trip to Disneyland!!! We went during the holiday season because of the lights and decorations and just overall experience during the holidays. Stay tuned for that post as well.

Other than those teeth there weren't many developmental milestones to speak of. She has become a pro at rolling back and forth from back to tummy....and most times prefers to be on her tummy now. Funny how things change. She got a stationary jumper from Santa and loves jumping around in that! We thought that crawling was going to happen before the new year, but she just barrel rolls to get where she wants instead. She will push up completely onto her toes, but doesn't quite understand that moving forward happens on her knees. She's very close to sitting up on her own also. It's quite exciting to watch her grow, but bittersweet to think that she's growing so fast too. We are just enjoying all the things to come and going along for the ride.

This Month Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs 7 ozs (20%)
Height: 25.5" (38%)
Head: 17.25" (84%)
Updated weight: 15lbs (24%)

Last Month Stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 10 ozs (23%)
Height: 23.75" (26%)
Head: 16.5" (73")

Eat: Still going strong with the breastmilk. I had a scare with stress and pumping. I started to see a decrease in my supply so I started to take an herbal supplement but noticed an even higher decline so I stopped taking it. I think the decrease was stress related however. I still pump every two to three hours at work and usually bring home between 9 and 11 ounces. I think that she doesn't like to eat off the bottle because of a good day she will eat 10 ozs but most day's its about 7 so we rely on those night feedings still....which is fine with me as I love snuggling while she eats. When we are together she feeds on demand....and I will offer the breast every two to three hours. More often than not she will take it.

Sleep has been interesting this month I cannot lie. We have gotten back on track with getting her down, but keeping her asleep has been more challenging. I think it is coupled with all the excitement and much too much stimulation that this month brought as well as a dramatic decrease in temperature. She went from waking every two and a half hours to waking every 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Momma was going crazy! We stopped letting her sleep past 5 PM to combat the 9-10 pm falling asleep times because it was affecting her ability to go to bed on time. We are working on the sleeping at night, but our pediatrician said that we cannot cut any nighttime feedings or start a sleep schedule until she is well established on solid foods. Updated schedule:

7:15am - Wake/Breastfeed
7:30-9am - Diaper change/playtime
9-11am - Nap
11am - Bottle Feed/Breast Feed
11-1pm - Playtime
1pm - Bottle Feed/Breast Feed
1:30-3:30 pm - Naptime
3:30-5pm - Playtime, mommy gets home and feeds. We eat, read and sing.
Between 730-745pm she gets bathed, then lotion and pj's then we read a book or two or three. Then if she hasn't nodded off yet I rock her asleep. I feed her most often right before she goes to bed.
11pm-12am - Dream Feed

Diapers: Sill in size twos. Working through the last box from the shower and we utterly hate this brand. We cannot wait to be done with them and back to our beloved Pampers!

Milestones to date:
Bringing her home: July 2nd (1 day old)
First Bath: July 4th (3 days old)
First Holiday: Independence Day (3 days old)
Held Up Head: July 11th (1 week old)
Lost Belly Button: (8 days old)
First Walk (2 weeks old)
First Smile: July 27th (3 weeks old)
First Trip: Lake Tahoe/Carson City (5 weeks old)
Found her hands: (6 weeks old)
First Swim: (6 Weeks old)
Laughed Out Loud: Sept 25th (12 Weeks Old)
Rolled Over: October 28th (3 Months Old)
Found Her Feet: November 2nd (4 Months Old) 
First Teeth: December 3rd (5 Months Old

Photo dump:

Emma visiting Santa

Disneyland Outfit

Excited for Disneyland

First Visit button....duh

Daddy got me a book almost as big as me!

Hanging my first ornament

Mommy went a tad overboard on the books for Christmas

Celebrated Hannukah with Grandma Lady via Facetime

Nakey baby reading time with daddy

Love my moosey!

Went to a friends murder mystery 80s birthday


Dozing on Christmas Eve

Xmas PJs

Santa Came!!!!!!

Jump jump jump!

Mommy snuggles

My blue eyed beauty

Playing cards on NYE

One last 2014 family photo

Sticky uppie hair!

Last bath of the year

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Year of 2014 - Life in Instagram

It should come as no surprise to you all that our year revolved around the birth of our first born baby. Our little girl Emma. She flipped our whole world, and this blog, upside down and for the better. I'd like to do a recap of all the fun things that happened in 2014 and of course some of my favorite posts from the year as well.


January we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time! It was such a magical sound and none anyone can describe. Those little bumps of sound are the most magical thing! I also shared a really cute baby shower gift and a nice bean soup recipe. I also made plans for our upcoming gender reveal party also.


February we found out that we were having a baby girl, and also threw a party for our family to let them in on the secret also. I made lots of cute things for that party also, that I of course blogged about in the coming months.


We announce her name Emma Jean and the meaning behind why we chose it. We also packed up our tiny apartment to move in with family to save some cash for her arrival, but I posted about our little apartment too.


April was a big month for us. We bought a vehicle to transport our little one in and we started our labor classes, which meant that the time was nearing and I had my mini panic attack! I also shared my plans for her future nursery and all the projects that I wanted to do.


In May I was showered by all my wonderful friends and family with gifts galore for baby Emma. My mom's and cousin did amazing work. I also had my very first Mother's Day and it was such fun!


June was a whirlwind month of prepping and planning for lil Emma's arrival. Our neighbor gave us a wonderful preview of our little ones face in a high def 3D ultrasound. We did a mini maternity shoot and my hubby took some pretty amazing photos. We packed our hospital bags, and ran amuck just having daddy and mommy time before her arrival


July we welcomed our precious angel into the world and talked about my labor and delivery story. We celebrated Independence Day and just enjoyed being parents to a perfect little girl.


In August we took our first long roadtrip out of state to visit family. We were home bodies for most of the month though, just learning how to be parents and we loved every second.


We welcomed two more little girls into our family with the additions of my nieces Kaitlynn and Evelyn. We took lots of photos of Emma and soaked in every bit of time I could before I returned to work.


October we took our first trip to the pumpkin patch and found the perfect pumpkins! Mommy and grandma also made Emma's first Halloween Costume and we experienced her first Trick or Treating outing also. We also moved into our own apartment again and started becoming a family of three (with a fur baby) again.


Emma celebrated her first Thanksgiving and learned how to play cards also. She rolled over and had many new experiences this month!


Since we are still in the midst of Christmas recovery I haven't even looked at our photos yet. We went and saw Santa and got the BEST Santa photo ever! We went on our first ever Disneyland trip and celebrated Hanukkah as well. Our first Christmas was special and we are excited to share all that and NYE with you also. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah and look forward to sharing everything with you all in the New Year!

Love to you all from The Kimball Family

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Home Tour - Main Living Room

I figured I would do a mini home tour, since we recently moved into our new apartment. I know it's not a house, but every place that we can live as a family is home to us and I would like to document Emma's first official living space for posterity. Since our main living space is the only one that's completed....and the only reason it is was because we needed to put up Christmas decor, we shall start with that space.

Our front door opens into our kitchen and main living space which houses our dining table and desk. While it's not ideal to have three spaces in one large room, it has to work for us. Our kitchen is the largest one we have had and we LOVE it!

We have a bar area, and lots of counter space for cooking. While the appliances could use some work, and the laundry area is in the kitchen, it is super functional and we can utilize every square inch. I need to find some decor for the upper cabinets....they are too plain right now.

Once past the kitchen your in our living space. Which has our television sitting area, dining room and office. I did straighten up for the photo's, but since we are still in the midst of unpacking there's paperwork on our desk and randomness all over. Please forgive any oddities.

Most of our furniture is hand-me downs but we make it work for us. I love our counter high dining table, although it may not work for us once Emma starts eating solids. Behind the table is our desk and work area, where all this magic happens. We have two hand-me-down Lay Z Boy recliners that my hubby loves....around the corner across from the couch sits our media center and GIANT tv, that's not pictured.....honestly those aren't pretty to me. Also the hubby got a wall mount so he needs to install that. Any tips out there for hiding cords for renters?

These guitars were my fathers guitars. The acoustic one is signed by various country artists and he won it at an auction. They will always have a prime spot in my home....and so will my piano, when I have room for it.

The complex offered to paint one wall for free so I picked the "blue" color. Honestly its a cool grey, but I think it works well with our decor and I really like the way it looks.

We love blankets in this home and most of them are homemade quilts and afghans made by my mom. It the winter we love to snuggle up under them and have huge stashes in our closets and trunks. We will never be cold!

Since we are in the age of gallery walls, I knew I needed to incorporate on the large wall space by our front door. I didn't want it to be the same as the one in our last apartment. I knew that I wanted to have it be special and have some significance to us, so I made a "patriotic" wall. I pulled together various pieces that meant USA, in our eyes and pulled it together with some gold elements. I used photo's from our travels around the country, pictures of us, a photo of my dad in his Air Force uniform, classic cars, martinis and of course a map of the United States.

I have been on the hunt for a unique map of the US and I was finally able to find one. I discovered the Fulcrum Gallery website and they had tons of different types of art including different maps of the world and have a whole section for "Art of Places." Once I selected my print I could choose whether to have it framed, put on canvas, or just sent as the print. I chose to have it framed to be cost effective, but I think that it would have been really nice on canvas. While their matt color selections were a little limited, I was able to find one that worked well with the print.

Since all the work is done in the good ole USA and done by a person and not a machine, it took a little time for production and shipping, but it was worth the wait for a quality piece. I was impressed with the paper back finish, the hangar system was wonderful also. It was nice to not see a cheap hangar or a wire, but a real art hangar. It was super easy to install as well as my hubby stated since he did the hanging. Also included were felt backers on the bottom of the back to help from scratching your wall, and a signed sticker assuring quality American craftsmanship. Perfect touch for this patriot lover!

While the amount of prints and art pieces on the site can be overwhelming, I think that the Fulcrum Gallery has something that everyone will love, at any budget. I will be shopping there again. Keeping money and jobs here in the USA is important to me and I am glad to have found a retailer their sticks to those values as well. Good job! Head on over if you need a gift for the holidays or an empty spot on your wall that needs filling. Walls are meant to be filled with meaningful art.

I was sent my artwork in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.