Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bumpdate - 28 Weeks

Ok so I guess my posts are either Mommy Monday or Hump Day Bumpdates! Sometimes I cannot find the energy (after creating the chalkboard, getting myself ready, traipsing through and finding the shot, taking the shot) to edit the photo's and write the post on Sundays. Please forgive me!

What's baby up to this week? She is the size of an eggplant, measuring 14.8" long and weighs two and a quarter pounds. She can blink her eyes and she has eyelashes! Her eyesight is developing and she may be able to see light that filters in through my womb.

What's been going on with mom? Pretty decent, although my emotions are getting the better of me. Sleep has sucked and my lower back has been killing me for weeks (due to an old siatica injury and of course baby girl) so I broke down and bought the maternity pillow. I have only used it a couple of nights, but so far much better! The back doesn't cramp on me anymore! I guess a just overall feeling of tiredness is coming over me. I walked more last week. We took the pups on several walks and I tried to eat better. More salads, and veggies and fruit were on the menu. 

Symptoms: Heartburn (I'm afraid that this one is here for the long haul.) Restless sleep, but getting better, and extremely emotional. Shortness of breath seems to be a something that is here to stay too.

Yummy/Icky: It's watermelon season again and I had the hubby go and get one. Even though it wasn't completely ripe it still tasted amazing! I also bought pre-cut for lunch too.....just sounded SO GOOD!

Clothing: Mostly maternity. Trying to utilize as much pre-pregnancy as I can. At least half of my v-necks still fit! :-)

Movement: Definitely feeling an increase in movement, which is about the time when my doctor said I would. We also have been able to watch her dance parties as they happen which is the coolest thing! Just love feeling her wiggle around!

Belly Button In/Out: In, but getting really shallow! I stood in front of the mirror the other day and it was really small! Please be kind to my old naval ring scar little one!

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Best Moment this Week: Finishing our registries! YAY! Such a weight has been lifted! Also seeing our shower invites! I'm so excited!

Looking forward to: Our 28 week ultrasound. Anytime we get to see her is a great thing!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nursery Decor Inspiration

Being an interior designer gives my high expectations of what our baby girl's nursery should look like. I cannot stand buying things as a set or something that's a "bed in a bag." Add in all the amazing nursery inspiration on Pinterest and your brain just might explode with information overload. Since I was convinced I was having a boy, I planned on a grey and teal nursery from the start. Well mother nature threw a wrench into that plan and it had to be modified. Nothing at the big box stores sent shivers down my spine so I knew I would have to plan this out from scratch, but not without perusing ideas on my favorite website first:

1. Pink and Grey (cannot find original source) I love how soft this is. Soothing and girly. I of course love the high wainscot and neutral grey wall.
2. Bold Teal and Pink: I love the graphic nature of everything in these photos. From the graphic rug, to the painted pink dresser! Just super trendy and modern!
3. Framed out "Wallpaper": I love the idea of a graphic paint pattern, but I also love how this serves as a piece of art as well!

So after I had some ideas about what I was looking for I discovered my love for a simple "jungle theme" with pops of teal, pink, grey with a tiny bit of brown. I found a crib I love, but of course is not available to register for and some bedding that's semi bedding in a bag from Pottery Barn Kids. My original inspiration rooms all had white cribs, but I love the look of a grey walnut and when I found it, I died! I am loving the elephant trend right now and wanted a mobile that would suit my taste. Well that was proving to be difficult so I am taking inspiration from several train of thoughts and combining them all in one!

1. Mobile Inspiration
2. Crib
3. Stuffed Elephant
4. Graphic Giraffe Pillow
5. Die-Cut Wood Mobile
6. Paper Elephant Mobile
7. Brooklyn Bedding
8. Lacy Print Rug

I love the thought of big collage walls as well, especially with the complete alphabet. The simplistic nature of the framed alphabet above just makes me swoon. I love the idea of having the jungle animals be more silhouetted, and not too "themed" so that they would go with the girly bedding I selected. I love the graphic look of the wire giraffe and the cross-stitch wall decor also. Of course a room wouldn't be complete without cute toy storage bench in a graphic pattern!

1. Alphabet Collage
2. Glitter Animals on Canvas
3. Wire Giraffe
4. Elephant Wall Graphic Print
5. Hanging Wall Letters
6. Toy Storage
7. Graphic Prints
8. Cross Stitch Wall Hanging 

I think we are on our way to a cohesive theme and I can't wait for little Emma to have a room all her own. She's going to be blessed with a multitude of really cool items! I went with my mom to select some fabrics for some projects she is making her granddaughter to be. I am ridiculously excited to see what she comes up with! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bumpdate - 27 Weeks (Third Trimester!)

Sorry for the late post this week. The weekend was crazy full and I needed to catch up!

What's baby up to this week? She is the size of a head of cauliflower, measuring 14.5" long and weighs almost two pounds. She is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and sucking on her fingers. Everything looked good with her at my doctor's appointment and her heart rate was 142.

What's been going on with mom? Things have been good with me, other than the disappointing scale measurement at my doctors appointment. It's not too bad, or cause for concern but I am stepping up on the walking and the eating more fruit and veggies to help stave off extra weight. Sleep is off and on, like usual. I did my glucose screening over the weekend and am still awaiting to hear on the results. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is good and I don't have to go back for the 3-hour test. That glucose drink was really gross. I got the orange flavor drink, room temperature. It tasted like an expired Gatorade. The first 1/3 of the drink wasn't too bad, but the remainder was hard to choke down. Afterwards, I had a serious sugar headache.

I have had several people say how tiny I am as far as pregnant bump goes, but those who know me best see the bump growing by each passing day.

Symptoms: Heartburn (I'm afraid that this one is here for the long haul.) Restless sleep. Charlie horses, and extremely emotional. My feelings get hurt relatively easy these days.

Yummy/Icky: Not really, just trying to eat better.

Clothing: Mostly maternity. Can still wear some pre-pregnancy shirts and lounge wear of course. The time is approaching to get another bra. My brother-in-law graduated from the Sheriff's academy over the weekend and the hubs posted a photo of the three of us to Facebook and I got several text messages regarding the girls alone.

Movement: She changed up her schedule on me after the weekend last week. It seems like she's awake most of the daytime and will wiggle around right before bed, but when I'm sleeping so is she, which is a good thing for after she is born. Hopefully it stays that way! Kicks and rolls are getting stronger. She hates it when people push on my tummy, or I lean on a surface. She tends to kick at the encroaching object. We also tried the flashlight test, and it's funny to feel her kick around where the light is.

Belly Button In/Out: In, seriously shallow when I lie down however. The belly no longer lies flat. Lol

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Best Moment this Week: We officially purchased our first thing for Baby Emma. We were at Downtown Disney with family for dinner. We wandered into Build-A-Bear and created her first stuffed animal. She has two hearts and she was made with love!

Looking forward to: Our 28 week ultrasound. Anytime we get to see her is a great thing!

Funny thing we discovered this week....a friend was in town for the graduation and she brought her dogs with. In holding her little foster pup and reading my stats on Baby Center I realized this little dog was about the same size as Emma. So of course I had to take a photo with her! It's crazy to think that this little dog is the size of our baby!

Here's our 27 week chalkboard. Hopefully my chalkboard rut will end soon!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Announcing the name.....

Ever since we decided to get pregnant the hubby and I have had a boys name picked out. It was the easiest decision to make in our lives. When the tech pointed to our little one's gender and announced that we were having a girl we both had drawn a blank on a girls name. It's such a hard thing to name another human being. We went through two books and numerous online sites jotting down any and all girl names that we did not despise. We were hoping for a unique-ish name that went well with our last name that didn't have any strange initials that could be turned into something else. We both had uncommon names growing up and didn't have to suffer through the millions of Jennifer's or Chris'. Life was easy, at least in that aspect, and we wanted the same for our little girl.

Once we came up with a list that had well over 50 names on it we decided that we just needed to say enough and decide on one. I fell in love with the name Cadence, but coming up with a middle name that didn't sound pretentious proved difficult. We are both relatively simple people and wanted our daughter to sound like she fit with us. We tossed around Cadence for a couple of weeks and tried to come up with middle names. That's where Emma came in. It sounded great, but something was just wrong. My hubby just fell head over heels in love with that name and would call her that when he was talking to me about her, or to my tummy. After three weeks I knew there was no unplugging this name from him and even though it's one of the top baby girl names of the last couple of years, I fell in love too. It just felt right. So then there was a middle name. I wanted to continue on with the simplicity in her middle name and Jean just stood out. It has significant meaning to me, my mom's middle name is Jean and so is my great aunt's middle name. It just all worked well together. My mom also informed me that my Great Great Grandmother's name was Emma as well. The stars just seemed to be aligning.

The final piece of this puzzle came from my mom. I was raised a Catholic and my mom was asking me if I was going to name our baby girl with a Saint's name. I said that it wasn't important to me because I don't really practice and my hubby was raised as a Lutheran. She decided to look at and find out what names that we had tossed around were on the list. She discovered that Emma was a saint. She gave liberally to the poor, founded several religious houses and a double monastery at Gurk,Austria and her feast day is June 27th.....right within the time frame that our little one is slated to arrive. If this name we had selected wasn't more perfect I don't know what other name would be.

I do believe that things come to us for a reason and everything surrounding our little one's name has just made me smile and I truly believe we have made the right choice in picking Emma Jean. I hope you all like it too!

Emma Jean!

Bumpdate - Week 26

What's baby up to this week? She is the size of a head of lettuce, measuring 14" long and weighs one and two thirds of a pound. She continues to put on fat, which we saw in her 3D ultrasound, and she is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid. These movements are essential for the development of the lungs and are also good practice for when she is born and takes that first gulp of air.

What's been going on with mom? I have been super anxious to see the 3D/4D ultrasound. The guessing game on who she will look like was keeping us entertained. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was super nervous about the appointment, but I'll share more on that subject later! Baby girl DEFINITELY has popped out to say hello. I look down and can see the belly officially without any problems. Sleep has been better, but as always it comes and goes. I had my first official cry over nothing moment too. I'll explain that later.

Symptoms: Still heartburn. I never know what causes it either....I had grapes and got heartburn! WTH? The charlie horses in the middle of the night are new and happen pretty frequently now.

Yummy/Icky: Cravings are pretty few and far between but anything sweet sounds good at all times. Give me fruit still, it sounds oh so yummo!

Clothing: Bought some stuff from Old Navy because they were having a maternity sale and an extra 30% off. I got a maxi dress to wear to my B.I.L's Sheriff graduation this weekend, a comfy maxi skirt, a new tank, and a casual henley top. My mom also got me a cute maxi dress from Target, seen in the photo above!! The girls just keep growing! It's really hard to see them THAT large!

Movement: It seems like the movement is happening more frequently. The day we had our 3D U/S she was wiggling like mad most of the day. It was awesome to see her move on the screen and feel her at the same time.

Belly Button In/Out: In, seriously shallow when I lie down however. The belly no longer lies flat. Lol

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Best Moment this Week: Definitely the ultrasound. It was so cool!

Looking forward to: Finishing our registries! It's a beast doing that!

Here's our 26 week chalkboard.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bumpdate - 25 Weeks

What's baby up to this week? She is the size of an ear of rutabaga, measuring 13.5" long and weighs one and a half pound. She is beginning to gain some baby fat, as this happens her wrinkled skin will smooth out and start to look more like a newborn. Her hair now has a discernible color and texture.

What's been going on with mom? Getting acoustumed to a new surrounding. We had to get used to a new bed and a whole new set of sleeping patterns. Were still working out the kinks, but we have been able to get some sleep. We have started walking our pup around the block, so that's upping my caloric burn for each day and I did a LOT of measuring for work this past week which means a lot of walking. We settled on a name for sure. We are waiting until after our 4D ultrasound this weekend to announce it though. Stay tuned!

Symptoms: The heartburn is getting annoying! I never know whats going to bring it on! It's really starting to annoy! Baby girl better have a full head of hair for all this suffering! The hip cramps have gone away, but I've stopped using the body pillow because it just won't fit in our bed. I keep getting tingling sensations in my hands and feet at random times. That's a new thing that's come about! Yay.

Yummy/Icky: The cheese craving came back full force. I had a grilled cheese that made me very sick to my stomach. I might need to stay away from the heavy/greasy foods.....even though it sounds amazing!!! I've been wanting fruit more which is good and have been trying to stay away from the sweets, which is hard cause its girl scout cookie season!

Clothing: Sill all maternity on the bottom. My v-necks are getting tight and I'm still working out how to work my existing wardrobe. The girls have grown some more, and they are huge! Which means new bras are probably in my future. I have officially grown larger than I have been EVER in this department.

Movement: Pretty much the same. Lots at certain times of the day. 6:30AM every morning we get a wiggle party. Right after lunch and finally when I settle in for the evening in my comfies and bed. Some days she's really rough and others its just light taps and rolling around.

Belly Button In/Out: In, seriously shallow when I lie down however. The belly no longer lies flat. Lol

Wedding Rings On/Off: On and spinning, but somedays I retain water and they get tight. I just drink a lot more water.

Best Moment this Week: We finally started our registries! It's so exciting, but exhausting all at the same time. Making the big time selections were very challenging, but we surpassed. Now it's time to get to all the small details.

Looking forward to: Our 4D ultrasound this weekend!!! So excited to see what she looks like!

Here's our chalkboard this week. If you'd like please follow me on Insta (dianekimball07) to get updates early!

Friday, March 21, 2014

What a difference 3 months makes

In writing this weeks bump date I realized that I have been taking bump photos for 3 months now. Yes I am in my sixth month of pregnancy, but up until recently I really didn't look pregnant.....just bloated. I wore regular pants until 19 weeks before I broke and bought maternity pants. I mean into 20 weeks and you just look like you ate a big meal instead of pregnant.

I was always the girl who thought that I wasn't skinny, regardless of how many people told me otherwise, in my head I wasn't. I was looking through the last couple of months of bump photos and I really can see a difference. I was skinny before! Regardless of what I thought! I also realize that I might have a slight addiction with v-neck tees. I just recently repeated one! I need to get a yellow one to complete my collection, besides some are too tight to wear currently. If any of you come across the Old Navy v-neck tee's on sale, give me a shout out! I need to get some spring and summer shirts to get me through the months to come!

So I thought that I would re-live the last 13 weeks of bump photos, so we can all see where I have come from. It's also really just fun to compare!

//Week 12//Week 13//Week 14//Week 15//
//Week 16//Week 17//Week 18//Week 19//
//Week 20//Week 21//Week 22//Week 23//
//Week 24//
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